About Me

love of my life my brown sugar movie moment: i first fell in love with photography in a similar fashion to my sistah-togs-after the birth of my first baby, imari. being a mom has made me realize how fast time goes by and the importance of cherishing every moment. as a little girl, i loved to look through all of my family's photo albums. there were so many! i never questioned why or how we had so many albums and pictures spanning decades until october 2019 when i was on my way to attend the photo cookout photography conference in new orleans. before leaving i asked my mother why she wasn't in many of the photos in those albums. she revealed to me that it was her who took almost all of those photos. she was our family's visual historian, photographing every family event! i love and cherish those photos even more today and i now understand why she tells me "give someone that camera and get in that picture!"

these are the pieces of me now that you have heard my superhero origin story, who i am today is a mom, science geek, lover of everything 80s-90s nostalgia-from neo-soul, classic r&b, video games, and movies. i am in love with mid-century mod furniture and decor-love those sexy furniture legs, interesting lines, and metals!

reasons the reasons that we're here my why. i remember all the feelings i feel every time i hold those albums with my family's moments kept in time by my mother. i absolutely love sharing and showing those moments with my children-teaching them about those before them that they will not get to meet in their lifetime. this is my why. this is why i put so much care and thought into photography-i am not capturing moments, i am documenting life for those who may not ever meet or know those loved ones. i look forward to seeing and capturing your family's moments!